Preparing lavender for storage. The scent is too delightful!

Hey girlie…am I doing this right?? What’s in that drink from ihop?

Nifty Blues Improv from Yesterday by Addison Lea


The Ant-loving Crickets (family Myrmecophilidae)

… are rarely encountered relatives of crickets, and are obligate inquilines (animals that live commensally in the nest, burrow, or dwelling place of an animal of another species) within ant nests. They are very small, wingless, and flattened, therefore resembling small cockroach nymphs. There are a few genera, containing fewer than 100 species. Ant Crickets are yellow, brown, or nearly black in color. They do not produce sound, and lack both wings and tympanal organs (“ears”) on the front tibia…

(read more: Wikipedia)             (photo: Gyunther Tschuch)


How to make these adorable strawberry boxes!